Rebop: Savoy Remixed


Native born and raised New Yorker, DJ Smash is an internationally respected performer and producer who's urban, yet   eclectic productions and DJ sets have been solicited   by and released on   labels such as Blue Note, Motown, Atlantic, RCA, Sony, GRP and various other major and independent imprints over the past 15 years.

Spinning, producing and remixing everything from Soul, Jazz-Funk and Disco to Deep House, Hip Hop and Acid Jazz, Smash has intuitively traversed these seemingly incompatible musical cousins  and highlighted the connection between them all which is most evident in his productions and live DJ sets.. When asked to reflect on his musical preferences, Smash proclaims   "I love and feel deeply the power of Black Music but I also love Brown music and Red music and Blue, Green and Orange music as well. I mean, whether I am spinning at a club or just want to relax and listen to songs I love, I see it like a choice between painting with different colors versus painting with just one or two colors. Different styles and colors apply to different moods". Learning to decipher and influence the mood of the moment has been his specialty, since as a world touring DJ, he has had to perform in a wide variety of settings. Smash seems just as comfortable as a sideman, performing alongside Jazz legends like Herbie Hancock or Roy Ayers at prestigious international jazz festivals such as JVC,   Montreaux,  Mt. Fuji,   or Belgium's Blue Note festival, as he would be at anyone of a globe trotter's long list of nightclubs and lounges he continues to perform at where he's been featured in lineups with other prominent DJ peers such as Giles Peterson, Frankie Knuckles, King Britt, Jazzanova, Marly Marl, DJ Angola, Norman Jay, Danny Krivit, DJ Premiere, and a wide assortment of others. From Acid Jazz trailblazer to compiler and   remixer of classic jazz and funk catalogs, quality is the yardstick that he measures himself   and his work against when considering remix projects and club performances "I have to believe in a song before I decide to remix it   or play it in my club set": says the admitted vintage vinyl junkie. "if I believe in a song, then I will use every tool I have to entice others into believing in it as well. Well, most of time anyway." Smash continues to remix, produce, compile and perform for various record labels and venues in the U.S. and internationally. for bookings, contact Asya Shein (