"In Flux" marks yet another giant step in Coltrane's maturation

Album Title: In Flux
Producer(s): Ravi Coltrane
Genre: JAZZ
Label/Catalog Number: Savoy Jazz SVY 17444
Release Date: Feb. 22
Source: Billboard Magazine

Originally Reviewed: March 05, 2005During Ravi Coltrane's short-lived stint on RCA/BMG, he came into his own as a saxophonist, composer and bandleader after years of perfecting his craft and sound in the shadow of his heavyweight-champion father. On "In Flux," his debut for Savoy Jazz, Coltrane continues to dig deeper, further forging his personal voice in the jazz tradition. He doesn't blow with bravado on soprano and tenor, but muses, romances, ponders, pines and, on the spirited "Coincide," trills with dance-like joy. Half the tunes are penned by Coltrane, highlighted by the heartfelt "Dear Alice" and the poignant "For Zoë." Other noteworthy tracks include four one-minute-plus reflective-to-free vignettes (two of which are improvised collectively by Coltrane's quartet) and a sprightly flight through Wayne Shorter's "United." Recorded with authority, "In Flux" marks yet another giant step in Coltrane's maturation.—DO