Rolling Stone Magazine Review
February 23rd, 2006 (p.64)

Tales From Turnpike House
3 1/2 Stars

“Exquisitely realized narratives from the lords of arch London pop”

“A concept album detailing a day in the life of the tenants of a fictitious apartment block, Tales From Turnpike House is a varied in musical styles as its disparate cast of characters suggests.  “Milk Bottle Symphony” introduces “Mrs. Doris Brown” with her “Quilted dressing Gown” and “Emily Rose at Thirty-one”, who’s got “twenty minutes to get her homework done” using layered harmonies, strings and disco beats. “Side Streets” is an electro-samba treat, where sweet and sassy singer Sarah Cracknell risks walking a sketchy route home because “if I let myself believe all the stories / I wouldn’t set a foot outside.”  Much as their Finesterre DVD last year, Saint Etienne’s Tales From Turnpike House – an unabashedly joyful celebration of being British.”