Stompin' at the Savoy: The Original Indie Label 1944-1961

In the face of impossible odds, a legendary music man had a vision for a new kind of record label. In its golden period Savoy discovered and produced artists that would define the sound of R&B for their generation. These four albums contain hit records and rediscovered treasures whose energy and passion make them timeless classics!

Stompin’ at the Savoy makes VH1’s Top Ten Best Compilations list
Downbeat Magazine
Jan. 2005 issue
Savoy Shuffle
by Frank-John Hadley
Disc 1 - Harlem Nocturne 1944-1947
1. Hot Lips Page: Uncle Sam Blues
2. Pete Brown: Pete Brown's Boogie
3. Miss Rhapsody: Hey Lawdy Mama
4. The Toppers: If Money Grew on Trees
5. Joe Turner S.K.: Blues Part 1&2
6. Albinia Jones: Evil Gal Blues
7. Gatemouth Moore: I Ain't Mad at You, Pretty Baby
8. Billy Eckstine: Prisoner of Love
9. Johnny Otis: Harlem Nocturne
10. Slim Gaillard: Slim's Jam
11. Pete Johnson: Atomic Boogie
12. Cousin Joe: Weddin' Day Blues
13. Joe Turner: My Gal's a Jockey
14. Dusty Fletcher: Open the Door, Richard Parts 1&2
15. Tiny Bradshaw: Take the Hands Off the Clock
16. Johnny Otis: Midnight in the Barrel House
17. Benny Roberts: Thriller Diller Poppa
18. The Ravens: Write Me A Letter
19. Paul Williams: Thirty Five Thirty
20. Doc Pomus: My Good Pott
21. Wild Bill Moore: We're Gonna Rock, We're Gonna Roll
Disc 2 - Red Hot Blues 1948-1951
1. Hal Singer: Corn Bread
2. Brownie McGhee: My Fault
3. Beale Street Gang: Fat Stuff Boogie
4. T.J. Fowler Red Hot Blues
5. Paul Williams: The Huckle Buck
6. The XRays: I'll Always Be in Love With You
7. Deacon McNeely: Deacon's Hop
8. The Ravens: Rickey's Blues
9. King Carl: Sure Like to Rain
10. Kansas City Jimmy: Cheatin' Women
11. Johnny Otis & Little Esther: Double Crossing Blues
  12. The Robbin's: If It's So Baby
13. Little Esteher & Mel Walker: Cupid's Boogie
14. Johnny Otis & Mel Walker: Rockn' Blues
15. Marilyn Scott: Straighten Him Out
16. The Four Buddies: I Will Wait
17. Helen Humes: Helen's Advice
18. Tommy: Cheatin' Women
19. Billy Wright: Stacked Deck
20. Johnny Otis Orchestra: All Nite Long
21. Miss Shareropper (Laverne Baker): I want to Rock
Disc 3 - Things Have Changed 1951-1955
1. H-Bomb Ferguson: Good Lovin'
2. Varetta Dillard: Easy, Easy Baby
3. Eddie Mack: Keyhole Blues
4. T.J. Fowler w/Calvin Frazier: Got Nobody to Tell
5. Henry Hayes Orchestra: Frogive Me Baby
6. Emitt Slay Trio: My Kind of Woman
7. Dolly Cooper: I Wanna Know
8. Earl Johnson (Earl King): Beggin' At Your Mercy
9. Varetta Dillard: Mercy Mistery Percy
10. Big Bertha: Little Daddy
11. The Dreams: Darlene
  12. Jimmy Crawford: That Ain't Right
13. Earl Williams: Let's Make Love Tonight
14. Wilbert Harrison: Don't Drop It
15. Varetta Dillard: Johnny Has Gone
16. Sticks McGhee: Things Have Changed
17. Nappy Brown: Don't Be Angry
18. The Roamers: Chop, Chop, Ching a Ling
19. Little Jimmy Scott: Don't Cry Baby
20. Nappy Brown: Is It Really You?
21. Chuz Alfred: Rocking Boy
Disc 4 - Hot Rod 1955-1961
1. Billy Nelson: Pack, Shack and Stack
2. Brownie McGhee: Anna Mae
3. Hal Singer: Hot Rod
4. The Debutantes: Just Leave It to Me
5. Little Terry: Shake Me Up, Baby
6. Big Maybelle: Candy
7. The Cubs: Why Did You Make Me Cry?
8. Annie Laurie: Stop, Don't Go
9. Nappy Brown: Little by Little
10. Sammy Price: Rib Joint
11. The Jive Bombers: Bad Boy
  12. Billy Lamont: I Got A Rock & Roll Gal
13. Nappy Brown: Little by Little
14. Billy Hope: Bad Time
15. Jesse& Buzzy: Going Back to Orleans
16. Big Maybelle: Blues Early, Early Parts 1&2
17. The Gay Poppers: You Better Believe
18. Sammy Price: Honky Tonk Caboose
19. Little Danny: Mind on Loving
20. Faye Adams: Step Up and Rescue Me
21. Sammy Cotton: Nobody
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