The Ravens
Their Complete National Recordings 1947-1950

Considered to be the first rhythm & blues vocal group, the Ravens were most famous for the deep bass voice of Jimmy Ricks. The Ravens are where it all began, setting in stone the style of black vocal group singing for the next forty years.

Disc. 1
1. Ol' Man River
2. Mahzel (Means Good Luck)
3. For You
4. Would You Believe Me
5. Write Me A Letter
6. Summertime
7. Until The Real Thing Comes Along
8. September Song
9. Always
10. Once In Awhile
11. I Don't Know Why (I Love You Like I Do)
12. Searching For Love
13. Rooster
14. Be I Bumble Bee Or Not
15. I'm Afraid Of You
16. Always (Previously Unissued)
17. Fool That I Am
18. Together
19. Send For Me If You Need Me
20. There's No You
21. How Could I Know
Disc. 2
1. Sylvia (A Cappella)
2. The House I Live In (A Cappella)
3. Rickey's Blues (A Cappella)
4. It's Too Soon To Know
5. Be On Your Merry Way
6. The House I Live In (Previously Unissued)
7. Silent Night
8. White Christmas
9. Leave My Gal Alone
10. Deep Purple
11. Sylvia
12. The House I Live In
13. Tea For Two
14. Rickey's Blues
15. Without A Song
16. Marle
17. There's Nothing Like A Woman In Love
18. Careless Love
19. If You Didn't Mean It
20. Moonglow
21. Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)
22. Lilacs In The Rain
Disc. 3
1. Tea For Two (alternate session)
2. Get Wise Baby
3. Until The Real Thing Comes Along (alternate session)
4. Once In A While (alternate session)
5. Bless You (For Being An Angel)
6. I've Been A Fool (For Thinking You Cared)
7. It's The Talk Of The Town
8. I Don't Have To Ride No More
9. No More Kisses For Baby
10. I'm Gonna Paper All My Walls With Your Love Letters
11. Count Every Star
12. Count Every Star Previously (unissued alternate take)
13. Time Is Marching On
14. The Cadillac Song
15. Phantom Stage Coach
16. Please Believe Me
17. I'm Afraid Of You
18. I'm Gonna Take To The Road
19. Get Wise Baby (alternate session)
20. Comin' Back Home
21. Who's Sorry Now
22. I've Got The World On A String
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