Groove Collective
People People Music Music

For more than a decade, Groove Collective has been transcending categories with one goal in mind: to move listeners' minds and feet. This crew of New York City - based jazz-funk-afrocuban-electronic stylistic adventurers have been laying down grooves that always have the crowd on its feet and dancing.   "People People Music Music" takes you on a musical journey around the globe, beginning with the Afro-pop sound of "Forgotten Travelers," continuing into the Cuban jam, "Tito" (a tribute to the legendary Mr. Puente), onwards to the smoky, NYC jazz lounge vibe of Herbie Hancock's "Speak Like a Child," and the club beats of "What If" and "Set Up."

Scripps Howard News Service Review, May 2006 "New Album "People People Music Music"

Groove Collective Sign to Savoy Jazz Worldwide "New Album "People People Music Music" out April 25"

Forgotten Travelers
What If
Eat No Space
6 For Fred
Set Up
Speak Like A Child
(Live Bonus Version)
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