Saint Etienne
Tales From Turnpike House

Almost a genre unto themselves, Saint Etienne have always defied easy categorization—post-modern, jazz-inflected, baroque dance pop with a folk sensibility—whatever has been written about their sweet sound, they have always been held in the highest esteem for their immaculate musical pastorals.
Saint Etienne
Dance Remixes Volume 1
Stars Above Us

Remixes from the smash
Tales From the Turnpike House - "The Angelic Attitude Of Saint Etienne" (June 29, 2006)

Rolling Stone Review - 3 1/2 Stars! (Feb 23, 2006)

Entertainment Weekly Review - B+ (Feb 10, 2006)

Musings on the musical paths of Saint Etienne and their latest ‘Tales from Turnpike House

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Saint Etienne Signs with Savoy Jazz “Tales From Turnpike House” (Jan 24, 2006)

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