Palace Lounge Presents
Café D'Afrique - Volume 2

The hottest selling chillout compilation series in South Africa is Café d'Afrique, solidly outperforming such genre stars as Buddha Bar and Hotel Costes.  Featuring a fantastic mix of South African and international artists, the album is a 16-track adventure deep into the heart of down-tempo music and stunning female pop vocals.

York featuring Angelina - Ice Flowers
Chris Palmer & Kirsten Moseley - Aqua
DJ Bootsie - Horseriders Toward the Abyss
The Funky Lowlives - Sail Into The Sun
Moran Moretti - New Jazz Nigeria
Goldfish - Times May Change
Asheni - Sweet Suffering
Hibiki Connection - Cha-Ka-Tu (Sunset Mix)
Greg Borowsky - I Just Don't Know
Larry - Smile
Jeff Bennett's Lounge Experience featuring Alexandra - Sympathy
Bareman - People
Iridium Project - Refraction
Newtown Saints featuring Amy Elle - Angel Of Mine
Mint Royale - The Effect On Me
Anima Sound System - The End
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